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Shrink Bags in Dome & Square
The Minimum Order for the Products on this Page is $75.00
Thomas Catanese & Co. Pioneered Shrink Bag Packaging in 1967

Back in 1967, all gift basket companies used cellophane to wrap their baskets plus miles of cellophane tape to hold that together. Today, the professional designer uses shrink film to insure that their gifts will arrive at the customers door just the way they designed it!

Shrink Bags will shrink 50% in width and length, to hold the product in place. Shrink bags should never be stored in temperatures over 90 degrees for extended periods or they will begin to shrink.

All of our bags meet FDA regulations for food contact.
Custom Made Shrink Bags
We can manufacturer custom made Dome and Square Shrink Bags in any size and gauge to your specs. Minimums begin at 2500 units. For Custom pricing please call 610-277-6230. See instructions below for sizing your product. Our films shrink 50% in both the vertical and horizontal direction. We have been in the Gift Packaging industry since 1967 and we specialize in Shrink Film Packaging and Equipment. We do have tinted films available, please call for quotations.
National Consulting Service Available
People who are new to the industry are often in need of expertise in this field. We have provided expertise to Ikea, Godiva, Harry and David, Hilton Hotels, Walt Disney World and many other leading National brand names.
Shrink Bag Tips & Technique
Shrink bags can be used in several different ways:
Bag over Basket
Place the bag over the basket. Pull it down and tuck the excess film under the basket. Secure the film to itself with tape, or seal with a heat sealer. Shrink the bag using a heat gun.
Basket in Bag
Open bag and place basket inside. Pull bag up over basket and tape or seal top. You can flare excess film at top and shield with cardboard while shrinking. This gives a dramatic look to the basket. Tie a bow around the base of the flare
Bag on Side
You can slip the basket into the bag from the side, and close the bag at the back of the basket. This hides the closure when the basket is viewed for the front.

Shrink Bag Sizing Formula, Quick and Easy

Using a flexible fabric measuring tape, measure your height dimension and add 10%. Measure the width or depth and add 10%. This 10% will give you the extra play for ease of insertion. To find out if your product will fit into a shrink bag, follow these instructions:
  1. Measure your Gift.
  2. Height - Front, Bottom, Back + 10%; Divide by 2 = Bag Height
  3. Width - Front, Sides and Back + 10%; Divide by 2 = Bag Width
  4. Example: Total Height = 40" + 10% (4") = 44"; Divide by 2 = 22" Height Bag
  5. Example: Total Width = 47" + 10% (5") = 52"; Divide by 2 = 26" Width Bag
  6. You need a 22" height x 26" width bag.

Please choose from one of the following categories by clicking on the name:

 Shrink Bags - Dome 38 Different Bag Sizes from 14"x16" to 38"x26"
 Square Cornered Shrink Bags 12 Different Bag Sizes from 12"x18" to 26"x26"